Thursday 5 April 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

... however I do know I will be back again.

Well, im all ready to begin my solo overseas adventure. It's not Good Friday- It's GREAT FRIDAY!

Will I get ridiculously lost in Tokyo?
Will I be mistaken for an errant monkey at the Kyoto Monkey Park?
Will I survive a (solo) visit to a love hotel in Roppongi?
Will I meet a friend over there, or behave like a Nancy-No-Friends the whole time?

We shall wait and see!

But in the meantime, take a reflective moment with this-

I shall see (?) you all in two short weeks, however have scheduled some posts for while I'm away. (You didnt think you would get off that easy, did you?!)


Sunday 1 April 2012

Japlanning Part II

In only 5 days today I will be flying out of Tullamarine airport, with eyes as wide as saucers, a tiny bit of fear in the pit of my stomach, and boundless excitment. (There will probably also be a little plastic cup of vodka in my hand. I embrace airline alcoholism)

6 DAYS! That is...not alot of time. My wordsmithery, what can I say, I have talent.

The day I fly out will also be-

- Good Friday. Now renamed THE BEST FRIDAY.
- Billasaurus Rex's 28th Birthday

I have been spending alot of time with my handy organisational friend Excel

This being organised business has some upsides. (Im getting quite smug for someone who has a pile of unread mail still on her kitchen table)

... and also a lot of time with Trip Advisor....

...and with xe...althought is not as fun to work out the money side of things. It's just so hard to estimate what I will need, and balance that with what I can afford!

Now, I am no crazy cat lady like this woman, (I just love CATS! *tear*), but I have discovered Cat & Kitten Cafes.

From what I understand, many rentals in Japan dont allow pets. To get around this, you are able to go to a Cat & Kitten cafe to surf the internet, have a latte...and pat a kitten!

One thing I am REALLY looking forward to (probably more than I should be) is the Maiko makeover in Kyoto.

I have booked in to visit a tiny studio in the cobbled streets of Gion, where many moons ago traditional Geisha and Maiko tottered around on those insanely high wooden thongs (nowadays if you see this its probably a tourist!)

At Yume Koubou I will be transformed into full Maiko dress- the hair piece, kimono, full makeup...the lot!

After my metamophasis into a delicate creature (Yeah right!) I will be having a photo shoot in my new garb. How exciting!

I'm not photogenic AT ALL, and I'm also one of those uncos in a photo who has their eyes crossed, or something in my the very least the photos that come out of this shoot will be entertaining.


Im starting to get a bit anxious about travelling alone. Not so much the safety side of things- but more missing my family, friends and of course Billasaurus Rex.

I come from a very large family, which means that there is always someone to talk to. My sisters are my best friends, and then of course I've got my old school friendfs, work friends, etc.

It' has hit me all of a sudden that I wont be texting my family and friends all day, emailing them at work, visiting them for dinner, going out for drinks, and calling them at all hours like I do at home.

I'm a communicator by nature, so it will be interesting to see how I react to a complete change.

And now, so I dont dwell on those thoughts, some more WTF Japan photos, all provided by Japan Is Weird, my new favourite site.


This is not what I am expecting to see at Ueno Zoo

Whaaa? Tanks people, tanks!

God Jesus. Confirmations, blessings, healings and miracles, all at your fingertips (if you have AA batteries that is)

Toad-ally Hot.

Would you like to take a little lap-nap?

Hey You! Yes you! Are you most concerned by my stubble or my eyeshadow that appears to be a sticker?

The most realistic chicken fillet ever. I'm surprised we dont have these yet.

And with that...yeah there are no words that can follow those images.


Remember Babs?

You know, you met her in this post?

Well, she's back.

In my efforts to think about the ultimate place to hide Babs last time, I promptly forgot about the whole ordeal. (Which is quite typical for me, I must say.)

Going to Japan and thinking about buying my sister Chelle a doozy of a souvenir triggered a creepy little memory.

Stay tuned for odd Babs- where will she pop up next?