Saturday 30 June 2012

Handbag Desperation

Oh gosh, I want this bag so badly.


- It's the perfect size

- It's made of pony hair and leather, and I don't own anything made from pony hair!
- Could always do with more leather.
- It's in a perfect shade for autumn
- Wouldn't I look jaunty and sassy flouncing around uni with this baby
- It's on sale! $50 off!
- It's the same colour as my hair. Matchy-matchy.
- I could pat my handbag because it has real hair on it. I can't pat any of my other handbags.


- I can't really afford it.
- I've already bought 3 handbags in the last month
- I have another Country Road bag on layby yet to be picked up
- Where on earth am I going to keep it? Running low on bag storage. Or I was, 6 handbags ago.
- Isn't it  bit creepy to pat your handbag?!
- Is this really a handbag I could wear for years?
- It's not really big enough for any of my uni stuff?
- How do they even get the hair from the pony, or should I not ask?


Friday 29 June 2012

"Doesn't Know She's Fat"


Things are going to get heated here, so please be prepared for the full snark.

First things first- I am not a so called 'fat activist', don't write about the plight of being plus sized, and am not a member of the 'happy at any size' community.

However, I am fat. This is not me being self-depracting. I'm a size 16-18 and have bounced up and down in weight ranges for all of my teenage and adult life. Am I ultimately happy with my body? No, I'm not. That doesnt mean that others with a similar body shouldn't be- it just means I would prefer my body at a different size. I'm not hugely depressed about the body I have- whilst I am obese, I am also a kind, generous, and intelligent being who is worth more than what others perceive of my appearance.

I also don't mind if you feel that last sentence makes me conceited- if you can't toot your own horn, noone else will.

ENTER RANT. (Oh, did you think that was it? You're in for a treat.)

I was recently at a birthday party. That's not the shock- I have friends. Don't act so suprised. :)

My best friend P's boyfriend Jay (still with me?) was watching me closely on the dance floor. I noticed he would look at me, and then back at the Birthday Girl.

This is also where I have to announce I am a shithouse dancer. It doesnt stop me from getting up on that dancefloor, even sometimes being the first one on it, and doing whatever moves I can pull out. Oh the robot, the busstop, gosh even the sprinkler are coming on out. No holds barred- I have a great time too. I look like a drowning oompa-loompa with the flaily arms, but hey, you cant be good at everything, right?

I figure he is just admiring (read: mocking) my dancing so don't really think twice about it. That is until I flop on the chair next to J, exhausted from all of the arm swinging, leg twisting dance action.

"Hey Cindy...." J remarks slowly, leaning towards me.

"Birthday Girl doesn't know she is fat, does she?"

The only appropriate way to describe my reaction to the ass-hattery


He goes on to explain that he means that "Birthday Girl hasn't clicked that she is fat yet. She is still flirting, wearing provocative clothes, and is loud and over confident. You act different to her- is it because you've been fat longer? You know you are fat and act like you should."

Oh, I see. So what you meant was that because the BIRTHDAY GIRL has put on weight, she should alter her whole personality to match the hatred the general populace has on anyone who is larger than average. She should stop flirting with men, HELL, she better not even talk to them, because she is now not worthy of even friendship or a laugh. Of course she should alter her personal style, and become an introvert because the crux of the matter is that now she is overweight, she should feel a deep shame about her very existence.

I'm sorry- I must have missed this part in the clause when I expanded out of a size 14 and received my official fat card in the mail.

Whilst he was trying to assure me that I act "accordingly" to my size, all he did was push his view that overweight women (Of course, I note his theory mentioned nothing on men, despite 1 in 4 men being overweight in Australia) should acknowledge that they are not only no longer attractrive, but are generally not wanted. Their opinions are invalid, their experiences void, and no matter what unique thoughts or feelings she may have they are irrelevent if men do not find her sexually attractive.

What does one even say to someone like that?!

Thursday 21 June 2012

And the winner is.....

Thankyou for everyone who have entered in my little giveaway. I have received lots of great feedback and suggestions to bring you posts that hopefully you will want to read!

I drew the winner last night (and included everyone who entered last minute) using a random number generator, after assigning each comment a number in order of comments.

Without further ado...the winner is....RACHEL!

I'm sure most of you already read Rachel's blog the autumn castle- but for those who don't I highly reccommend you check it out. She has impeccable style, is recently engaged, and certainly rocks leather!  

I look forward to seeing Rachel pulling off the hideous jumper look, although if anyone can, it's her!


Tuesday 12 June 2012

Fifty Shades of Followers & a Giveaway!

 Holy moly, I've got 50 followers. And I haven't had to pay for any of them!

Thank-you to everyone who has read, commented, engaged with, or merely glanced at one of my posts. I genuinely thought that I would be the only one to poke around here in this odd little corner of the interwebs.

To celebrate, why not have a giveaway? I've been lucky enough to win one from the fantastic Aly (see this post) in my short blogging career, so it's time to pay it forward.


1 x Glasshouse Mini Candle in Mimosa & Wild Apple
5 x ulta3 nail colours in the following shades- Lollypop Lilac, Pepper Pot, Pink Colada, Watermelon, and Fire
1 x NYC Nail Colour in Red Sparkle

1 x Kikki K A5 Black Leather Journal

1 x Canmake Colourful Nails glitter nail polish, direct from Japan

1 x Perfect Automatic Liner by Majolica Majorca (a Shiseido brand), direct from Japan
1 x roll of Washi Kamoi paper decorative adhesive tape, direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

1 x Pair of Teddy Bear Chopsticks, direct from Japan

1 x Authentic Ugly Jumper from my Ugly Jumper Party (it has been laundered!)

You didnt think I'd show you the whole hideousness that is my jumper before the party, did you?
1 x Worlds Tiniest Diary direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

1 x pack of Sanrio Pochacco stickers, direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

                    THE RULES... because there is always a catch

1. You must be a follower using GFC. That's Google Friend Connect- if you are looking for a place to follow the Global Financial Crisis you are way off path.

2. You must leave a comment. None of this 'I commented!!!' bullshit either.

3. Your comment needs to contain what you enjoy about this little blog, and what you would like to read about in the future. Keen on food reviews of all the haggis spots in Melbourne? Wanting a makeup tutorial on how to get Mimi from The Drew Carey Show's look? Or do you just need a blog where you can read about the mating habits of arachnids? This is your time to suggest what you would like to read about. Constructive criticism as always, is welcome.

4. If you are the winner, you must take a photo of yourself in the Ugly Jumper and email it in to be featured on this blog. You don't have to show your face, your head, or even your whole body, but I do want you to join in the Ugly Jumper Festivities.  And let's face it- you know you want to.

5. Open to Australian residents only. Sorry non-Aussie readers!

6. If you dont have a blog of your own where I can contact you, please leave your email address. If you are a Vogue Forums member, a username would be fine as well. Just please leave something so I can get in touch if you are the winner!

Now, please enter.
 Save me the embarassment of having to tell my Mum I write a blog, just so I can gain one entry. She's already seen the hideous jumper, and has been eyeing it off for her wardrobe. She's fashionable like that.


Sunday 10 June 2012

Exams on a Public Holiday

Are they entirely necessary?!

I'm off for three hours answering questions on ecology and the environment. After that, I don't give a crap what a primary producer or parasitoid is, and I certainly have no inclination to worry about the population density of herbivores in the savannah.

Boo hoo, whinge, whine.

Raspberry, Cherry & Almond Fudge Brownies

This post from Reezy at peanut butter and honey inspired me to create oodles of delicious, thick, gooey brownies. Well, that was the plan.

This may not come as a suprise to anyone else, but you really do need to follow a recipe if you want things to work out as intended. Shocking, no?!

My brownies didnt come out too bad, but I really should have put them in the mixer instead of trying to mush it all in with a wooden spoon.

They still tasted great, so I'm claiming this one as a win.

This recipe contains 600grams of dark chocolate. So yes, they are quite rich

Dont look too closely- I'm ashamed of my hand mixing skills. This is the recipe Reezy initially posted

As usual, I got a bit over confident and messed around with the recipe, despite not being the greatest chef. I threw some fresh cherries and toasted almonds in at the last minute

Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Brownies....these were delicious! Disappeared very quickly, too :)

I quite liked my little variation! Cherries were very sweet and moist, and the almonds added a nice little crunch.

Would you like to try this one out yourself? It's super duper easy and makes a buttload. (That's a scientific measurement for you right there.)

You can find the recipe here.

Did anyone else try their hand at some baking this long weekend?

Monday 4 June 2012

Ugly Jumper Party

It's decided.

A huge thankyou for all of you that made suggestions for a costume theme for my 25th Birthday Party in this post.

I liked all of your suggestions, especially the idea of Uniforms (Unicorns?) or a Japan theme.

Pondering my theme whilst in a dull meeting at work, I realised the answer has been in front of me all along!

At work we have an absolutely lovely middle aged man(ager) T who wears unique woollen jumpers with his suit pants Usually they are 3 sizes too big, have a giant knitted cowl neck in a contrasting colour, or have a knitted button feature on the sleeve. (Yes.)

Sometimes I have a bit of a giggle to myself, imagining that his wife knits them and he has to wear them to work so as to not to offend her.

And then it hit me- an Ugly Jumper Party! (Thank goodness T doesnt read this, and isnt close enough for me to invite to the party. He is a very nice man, just has some dorky jumpers.)

It's easy to organise for my guests- every Op shop has atleast one treasure, they will be warm (no bikini parties for a mid-June birthday!), and has potential to be quite amusing!

Here are some treasures I have found on my quest-

I am very afraid of the Terror Fish

I'm sure my Mum had me wear one of these in the mid 90's. Source

You just know the creator debated on the collar- and if it was too much? I think that ship sailed when you put flamingoes in Santa hats
My Mum would call this one 'snazzy'
Isnt this one perfect for your autumn wardrobes, with the beautiful colours? What do you mean, it's not?
For some reason, this one cracks me up. I think its the joyous skiing splits the character is doing on the right, or maybe just the bright colours. Or is it that if my father was to design the Winter Olympic uniforms, he would most definitely pick this. And would see nothing wrong with it.
Do you think this is a theme people would enjoy and could get really into?