Sunday 16 September 2012

Op! Op! Op!

I love a good fad or a trend, especially when it comes with a catchy tune.

Heres a little blast from the past- remember the Crazy Frog? No- how about Hamster Dance? As annoying as they were/are they serve as little time capsules- I still remember where I was when I heard that ridiculous Ketchup Song.

 I was incredulous...and then slowly and obediently raised my hands and shimmied whilst singing along in broken and garbled Spanish (a language which to this day I do not speak.)

I said a HEY HA...something something arother BOOGIE BOOGIE SOMETHING A BEAT.

And so if you are one of the 180 odd million people that have viewed this already, please let's embrace it together. And if you have not...well you're welcome.
I present to you, the enthusiastic Korean rapper, Psy.


Even Britney wants to get on board.... and from the man himself comes the best quote ever, and my new personal motto-

"Dress classy, dance cheesy."

If only I could get OP OP OP! or Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy Sexxyyy Ladiieeeessssss out of my head.

In My Absence

Holy guacamole, I've been busy.

What have I been doing?

I moved house. I am now the proud tenant of a very tiny bedsit, which despite it turning out to have many flaws (of which we shall explore in further posts), is all mine.

What you see below is my spacious, open plan kitchen. And when I say spacious, you know I really mean it literally has no cupboards or a pantry.

(These pics are how the place was the day I moved in. I've since changed things around a bit.)

*My orange benchtop brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like...Wtf is that?*

I can't help but feel that when the last tenant left the cow door stopper she was quietly glad to be rid of the creepy little thing

I may have mentioned previously, the last tenant was kind enough to leave the flat fully furnished. I took over responsibility of the furniture and thank goodness I could get rid of some of it, because alot was broken. Drawers without casters, a smashed glass door in the buffet, no biggie. Especially since I didnt have to pay a cent for it. But there were some real doozies.

The sight you are beholding in the second pic is of my sweeping, airy loungeroom. I say airy, because its not really sealed. I put on a candle the other day and the wind blew it out from outside.

That's my little flat! Tiny, tiny, tiny.

I have an outdoor toilet. You read correctly.

Calm down, it's not one of those drop pits you may have witnessed on long bushwalks or Scout camps.

But it does have a ridiculously cold concrete floor, and sometimes in the mornings I roll around in bed trying to ignore my screaming bladder because its so cold, and I look furtively around the room at all vessels big enough to hold my pee before finally deciding that is disgusting, giving up and doing that weird GOTTA PEE hobble/hop to the bathroom.

I'm classy like that.

Also, my place came free with a hideous shower curtain.

Living solo is a new challenge. Turns out, cooking for one is a whole lot of effort. You know whats easier? Eating hommus and cheese at 9pm in your undies watching Gossip Girl. Uh.... not that I would know what that's like. I was purely speculating.

Also, in a case of last person EVER to jump on the bandwagon, I have started watching Gossip Girl. Oh no, not at the most recent season with all of you with foxtel, but I have been renting the seasons from my local Ye Olde Video Ezy. How reminiscent, how hipster.

The reason for this is that the antenna at my abode is..atrocious. Not quite sure that the issue is there, but I can only get reception for Channel 28. I am exceptionally up to date on Russian news, despite my lack of comprehension on what the dickens its all about. I've also seen enough world movies (aka thinly veiled dirty flicks) to last me a while.

So Gossip Girl Season 1 & 2 and Greys Anatomy Season 1 & 2 have become my new friends. Even so much so that I watch episodes late into the night and wake up thinking, 'Is there enough time to watch GG whilst I eat my breakfast?!'

A problem, I haz one.

But Chuck and Blair! She said I love you! He didnt! He left her stranded in Europe! She started dating a Lord! He FINALLY said it back!

Don't you dare tell me what's happening in the most recent series-I have been so close to peeking at IMDB so many times for future Chuck/Blair shenanigans, but so far have resisted.

Shall keep you updated on the happenings in my crazy little flat.

Wednesday 11 July 2012


I got approved for the property! Thanks for all of your tips, they worked a treat.

Whilst I'm here... The GOT IT also refers to the CR Chantal satchel I posted about. Couldn't help myself, I obsessed for days over it and have used it every day since it came to live with me.

Wish me luck for packing, I'm going to need it!

Sunday 8 July 2012

You Crazy Little Coconuts

There are upsides to having a blog. I can blab on about things of no real consequence, connect to other blog authors and readers, and spend some good old quality time with my computer on the cold wintery nights Geelong produces so well.

My ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE thing about having a blog is tracking the way my readers find me. I have been getting a lot of google searches lately resulting in followers, but its the things they are searching for that literally cracks me up.

I bring to you my illustrious list of  Top 3 Google Search Terms to find my Blog so far-


I assume my blog comes up due to this post, but crikey, do people think there are killer penguins just waiting in bushes and wheely bins waiting to unleash their fury?!


You want to spank the whole country? Or just hoping to find a resident being spanked? Finding my blog should be a lesson to the person looking for the spanking to be much, much more specific in their searches.

Not quite as office appropriate as the old 'World No 1 Dad' mug.


Because furries need love too, don't you know. And so do men who are overdue for their back waxing. Speaking of, I saw a man in Daylesford on the weekend at a spa with his shirt removed in the waiting room. (Odd in itself, right?) Anywho, this man was quite blessed in the chest, back and shoulder hair category- to the point I could see the grain of what direction it was growing in, could see it swirl around on his shoulders, and the light shone through it. There was a whole lot of hair going on, which for some reason fascinates me.
I was early for my appointment and am notorious for making inane chatter when nervous, trying to fill awkward silences but in turn making it more awkard by blurting things out inappropriately.
The man caught my eye and I said to him, 'Is this your first time?' thinking that he was getting his back waxed for the first time because it was so, so hairy.
He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and said- 'No- I get it done every three weeks?'

This wasnt the actual guy. He was even hairier. Lol

And so, my dear blog friends, looking forward to seeing some more freaky searches coming soon. Oh, the things people google in the privacy of their own home, with the capacity to delete their browsing history.


Tuesday 3 July 2012

High Hopes

Have I mentioned I have been temporarily living with my parents?

Now this was all well and good in theory whilst I was jet-setting around the world (not quite around the whole world, but 4 different Asian countries which I feel was a fair effort in a short period) but is less ideal in practice.

My parents are wonderful people, but they are my parents and they frustrate me. They're 72 and 62, so are well and truly allowed to be a touch grumpy and irritable. They are also at the stage of life where their grandkids are visiting all the time, whooping it up loudly every day and making it impossible to study. All perfectly age-appropriate things to be happening in your home.

Source. They arent quite this grumpy, but you get the gist.

Not so appropropriate for myself and my studies.

The problem is, being a student, I quite enjoy paying only a small amount of rent. I'm partial to the measly portion, shall we say.

Realistically, I work part-time and can't afford a whole unit by myself. Or I can- but when things crop up like time to buy school books, my rego is due, or I have time off for work placements I will be in a spot of trouble.

So that leaves either a sharehouse or moving out with Billasaurus Rex. I'm not ready for that quite yet- I would like more time of being a "grown-up" by myself before I hitch myself to someone elses wagon.

Sharehouse is a viable option and looking like the only one until...

I found a bedsit advertised in my local paper ridiculously cheap. Like- $50 a week cheaper than any other sharehouse listing in the suburb that would be the most convenient for me to live in!

After a quick google search on what on earth a bedsit was, and an even quicker tour of the illustrious residence, I have completed an application form and currently have my fingers, toes and all other bits crossed!

Basically the property is at the back of someones home, but with its own driveway and entrance. The only thing I would have to share with the owner is the clothesline- there is even a fence between the main property and the bedsit.

The bedsit is in essence a large bedroom with a kitchen built in there, so space will be an issue but to have privacy? Worth it!

I can still entertain, but one guest dinner parties only.

What is even more exciting is that the tenant in there in the moment is moving interstate and is willing to leave ALL OF HER FURNITURE! That's right, fridge, freezer, wardrobe, kitchen buffet, table, couch, pantries, breakfast bench stools, TV, DVD Player, computer desk....all of it!

It's not all to my taste, but if its free and I know it fits in the bedsit, I'd be an idiot to knock it back. If some of the items really bother me later on down the track I can always replace or find them another home.

The bathroom is a separate building only half a meter from the rest of the bedsit. It could get VERY COLD in the morning going that half a meter to the toilet and shower, but no big deal.


It can't be this cold, can it? Even if it can, atleast my toilet wouldnt be pink. And i'm certainly not shitting sticks.

The only stumbling block- is that there were a giant swarm of other people applying. It is literally one of the cheapest rentals in all of Geelong so competition is fierce.

I made sure to call and enquire about the property with the real estate company, and had a pleasant chat with the Property Manager. I went to the inspection with the application already filled out and a cover letter explaining why I would be an excellent tenant. The decision will be made on Monday or Tuesday.

Can you recommend any other tips for getting this property I so clearly have my hopes set on?

Saturday 30 June 2012

Handbag Desperation

Oh gosh, I want this bag so badly.


- It's the perfect size

- It's made of pony hair and leather, and I don't own anything made from pony hair!
- Could always do with more leather.
- It's in a perfect shade for autumn
- Wouldn't I look jaunty and sassy flouncing around uni with this baby
- It's on sale! $50 off!
- It's the same colour as my hair. Matchy-matchy.
- I could pat my handbag because it has real hair on it. I can't pat any of my other handbags.


- I can't really afford it.
- I've already bought 3 handbags in the last month
- I have another Country Road bag on layby yet to be picked up
- Where on earth am I going to keep it? Running low on bag storage. Or I was, 6 handbags ago.
- Isn't it  bit creepy to pat your handbag?!
- Is this really a handbag I could wear for years?
- It's not really big enough for any of my uni stuff?
- How do they even get the hair from the pony, or should I not ask?


Friday 29 June 2012

"Doesn't Know She's Fat"


Things are going to get heated here, so please be prepared for the full snark.

First things first- I am not a so called 'fat activist', don't write about the plight of being plus sized, and am not a member of the 'happy at any size' community.

However, I am fat. This is not me being self-depracting. I'm a size 16-18 and have bounced up and down in weight ranges for all of my teenage and adult life. Am I ultimately happy with my body? No, I'm not. That doesnt mean that others with a similar body shouldn't be- it just means I would prefer my body at a different size. I'm not hugely depressed about the body I have- whilst I am obese, I am also a kind, generous, and intelligent being who is worth more than what others perceive of my appearance.

I also don't mind if you feel that last sentence makes me conceited- if you can't toot your own horn, noone else will.

ENTER RANT. (Oh, did you think that was it? You're in for a treat.)

I was recently at a birthday party. That's not the shock- I have friends. Don't act so suprised. :)

My best friend P's boyfriend Jay (still with me?) was watching me closely on the dance floor. I noticed he would look at me, and then back at the Birthday Girl.

This is also where I have to announce I am a shithouse dancer. It doesnt stop me from getting up on that dancefloor, even sometimes being the first one on it, and doing whatever moves I can pull out. Oh the robot, the busstop, gosh even the sprinkler are coming on out. No holds barred- I have a great time too. I look like a drowning oompa-loompa with the flaily arms, but hey, you cant be good at everything, right?

I figure he is just admiring (read: mocking) my dancing so don't really think twice about it. That is until I flop on the chair next to J, exhausted from all of the arm swinging, leg twisting dance action.

"Hey Cindy...." J remarks slowly, leaning towards me.

"Birthday Girl doesn't know she is fat, does she?"

The only appropriate way to describe my reaction to the ass-hattery


He goes on to explain that he means that "Birthday Girl hasn't clicked that she is fat yet. She is still flirting, wearing provocative clothes, and is loud and over confident. You act different to her- is it because you've been fat longer? You know you are fat and act like you should."

Oh, I see. So what you meant was that because the BIRTHDAY GIRL has put on weight, she should alter her whole personality to match the hatred the general populace has on anyone who is larger than average. She should stop flirting with men, HELL, she better not even talk to them, because she is now not worthy of even friendship or a laugh. Of course she should alter her personal style, and become an introvert because the crux of the matter is that now she is overweight, she should feel a deep shame about her very existence.

I'm sorry- I must have missed this part in the clause when I expanded out of a size 14 and received my official fat card in the mail.

Whilst he was trying to assure me that I act "accordingly" to my size, all he did was push his view that overweight women (Of course, I note his theory mentioned nothing on men, despite 1 in 4 men being overweight in Australia) should acknowledge that they are not only no longer attractrive, but are generally not wanted. Their opinions are invalid, their experiences void, and no matter what unique thoughts or feelings she may have they are irrelevent if men do not find her sexually attractive.

What does one even say to someone like that?!

Thursday 21 June 2012

And the winner is.....

Thankyou for everyone who have entered in my little giveaway. I have received lots of great feedback and suggestions to bring you posts that hopefully you will want to read!

I drew the winner last night (and included everyone who entered last minute) using a random number generator, after assigning each comment a number in order of comments.

Without further ado...the winner is....RACHEL!

I'm sure most of you already read Rachel's blog the autumn castle- but for those who don't I highly reccommend you check it out. She has impeccable style, is recently engaged, and certainly rocks leather!  

I look forward to seeing Rachel pulling off the hideous jumper look, although if anyone can, it's her!


Tuesday 12 June 2012

Fifty Shades of Followers & a Giveaway!

 Holy moly, I've got 50 followers. And I haven't had to pay for any of them!

Thank-you to everyone who has read, commented, engaged with, or merely glanced at one of my posts. I genuinely thought that I would be the only one to poke around here in this odd little corner of the interwebs.

To celebrate, why not have a giveaway? I've been lucky enough to win one from the fantastic Aly (see this post) in my short blogging career, so it's time to pay it forward.


1 x Glasshouse Mini Candle in Mimosa & Wild Apple
5 x ulta3 nail colours in the following shades- Lollypop Lilac, Pepper Pot, Pink Colada, Watermelon, and Fire
1 x NYC Nail Colour in Red Sparkle

1 x Kikki K A5 Black Leather Journal

1 x Canmake Colourful Nails glitter nail polish, direct from Japan

1 x Perfect Automatic Liner by Majolica Majorca (a Shiseido brand), direct from Japan
1 x roll of Washi Kamoi paper decorative adhesive tape, direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

1 x Pair of Teddy Bear Chopsticks, direct from Japan

1 x Authentic Ugly Jumper from my Ugly Jumper Party (it has been laundered!)

You didnt think I'd show you the whole hideousness that is my jumper before the party, did you?
1 x Worlds Tiniest Diary direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

1 x pack of Sanrio Pochacco stickers, direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

                    THE RULES... because there is always a catch

1. You must be a follower using GFC. That's Google Friend Connect- if you are looking for a place to follow the Global Financial Crisis you are way off path.

2. You must leave a comment. None of this 'I commented!!!' bullshit either.

3. Your comment needs to contain what you enjoy about this little blog, and what you would like to read about in the future. Keen on food reviews of all the haggis spots in Melbourne? Wanting a makeup tutorial on how to get Mimi from The Drew Carey Show's look? Or do you just need a blog where you can read about the mating habits of arachnids? This is your time to suggest what you would like to read about. Constructive criticism as always, is welcome.

4. If you are the winner, you must take a photo of yourself in the Ugly Jumper and email it in to be featured on this blog. You don't have to show your face, your head, or even your whole body, but I do want you to join in the Ugly Jumper Festivities.  And let's face it- you know you want to.

5. Open to Australian residents only. Sorry non-Aussie readers!

6. If you dont have a blog of your own where I can contact you, please leave your email address. If you are a Vogue Forums member, a username would be fine as well. Just please leave something so I can get in touch if you are the winner!

Now, please enter.
 Save me the embarassment of having to tell my Mum I write a blog, just so I can gain one entry. She's already seen the hideous jumper, and has been eyeing it off for her wardrobe. She's fashionable like that.


Sunday 10 June 2012

Exams on a Public Holiday

Are they entirely necessary?!

I'm off for three hours answering questions on ecology and the environment. After that, I don't give a crap what a primary producer or parasitoid is, and I certainly have no inclination to worry about the population density of herbivores in the savannah.

Boo hoo, whinge, whine.

Raspberry, Cherry & Almond Fudge Brownies

This post from Reezy at peanut butter and honey inspired me to create oodles of delicious, thick, gooey brownies. Well, that was the plan.

This may not come as a suprise to anyone else, but you really do need to follow a recipe if you want things to work out as intended. Shocking, no?!

My brownies didnt come out too bad, but I really should have put them in the mixer instead of trying to mush it all in with a wooden spoon.

They still tasted great, so I'm claiming this one as a win.

This recipe contains 600grams of dark chocolate. So yes, they are quite rich

Dont look too closely- I'm ashamed of my hand mixing skills. This is the recipe Reezy initially posted

As usual, I got a bit over confident and messed around with the recipe, despite not being the greatest chef. I threw some fresh cherries and toasted almonds in at the last minute

Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Brownies....these were delicious! Disappeared very quickly, too :)

I quite liked my little variation! Cherries were very sweet and moist, and the almonds added a nice little crunch.

Would you like to try this one out yourself? It's super duper easy and makes a buttload. (That's a scientific measurement for you right there.)

You can find the recipe here.

Did anyone else try their hand at some baking this long weekend?

Monday 4 June 2012

Ugly Jumper Party

It's decided.

A huge thankyou for all of you that made suggestions for a costume theme for my 25th Birthday Party in this post.

I liked all of your suggestions, especially the idea of Uniforms (Unicorns?) or a Japan theme.

Pondering my theme whilst in a dull meeting at work, I realised the answer has been in front of me all along!

At work we have an absolutely lovely middle aged man(ager) T who wears unique woollen jumpers with his suit pants Usually they are 3 sizes too big, have a giant knitted cowl neck in a contrasting colour, or have a knitted button feature on the sleeve. (Yes.)

Sometimes I have a bit of a giggle to myself, imagining that his wife knits them and he has to wear them to work so as to not to offend her.

And then it hit me- an Ugly Jumper Party! (Thank goodness T doesnt read this, and isnt close enough for me to invite to the party. He is a very nice man, just has some dorky jumpers.)

It's easy to organise for my guests- every Op shop has atleast one treasure, they will be warm (no bikini parties for a mid-June birthday!), and has potential to be quite amusing!

Here are some treasures I have found on my quest-

I am very afraid of the Terror Fish

I'm sure my Mum had me wear one of these in the mid 90's. Source

You just know the creator debated on the collar- and if it was too much? I think that ship sailed when you put flamingoes in Santa hats
My Mum would call this one 'snazzy'
Isnt this one perfect for your autumn wardrobes, with the beautiful colours? What do you mean, it's not?
For some reason, this one cracks me up. I think its the joyous skiing splits the character is doing on the right, or maybe just the bright colours. Or is it that if my father was to design the Winter Olympic uniforms, he would most definitely pick this. And would see nothing wrong with it.
Do you think this is a theme people would enjoy and could get really into?

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Trenery/End of Trimester

Settle down people, I'm not pregnant. Although, I would feel better about my recent holiday weight gain if I atleast had a baby to blame it on! Food baby does not count.

I'm talking end of Trimester at uni. Deakin are special like that- we have trimesters instead of semesters. In all of the brochures they talk this up like 'Get your degree quicker at Deakin! Do a summer trimester!' but it's fuck all usefullness if your course doesnt offer any units in the summer trimester.


It's almost the end of Trimester 1 for the year. It also marks the end of my first complete year at uni! I did things the wonky way and started the Bachelor of Primary Education mid year 2011, essentially turning a 4 year degree into a 4 and a half year degree because they changed the course structure at the beginning of 2012. It feels like I still have foreeeever to go!

So to celebrate (read: I randomly felt like shopping and am using this event as an excuse) I have purchased the following from Trenery- (and when I say bought I mean put on lay-buy with the minimum deposit, because I'm a poor uni student)

Erika Ostrich Embossed Tote from Trenery

I love a good bag, and my reasoning on this one is-

  • I don't have any brown bags
  • I don't have any bags big enough to fit all of my uni books
  • This bag will match my brown or black leather boots for winter
  • I wanted it
The ostrich leather is very soft.This bag is not my usual taste, I am generally a fan of black everything. Time to branch out, and lets face it, this is much less drastic than bungee jumping.

I did have to stop myself from purchasing the following-

Zig Zag Scarf from Trenery

Basket Weave Scarf from Trenery

It's funny- the unit I despised all trimester (Analysing Childrens Literature) is the one I have received the best marks in and have decided to continue on with as an elective. The marks I earnt didnt come easy, and I was really forced to sharpen my essay writing skills for my tough tutor.

But for's holiday time.

Did I mention I am going on a cruise to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand? I am.

My niece turned 18 in March, so 3 of my sisters and myself are all celebrating with her and going cruising for a week. Only a little trip, but am feeling very lucky to be going on it, especially since Ive barely unpacked from Japan.

Not bad for an end of uni reward, hey?


Sakura in Spring

When I first started planning my trip to Japan, I just knew I had to go during Cherry Blossom (sakura) season.

WARNING: Things are going to get pic heavy around here

It was highly inconvenient. Taking a two and a half week trip right in the middle of the semester at uni was going to be problematic- I would have to take my uni stuff with me and submit two assignments whilst on my holiday.

But to go all the way to Japan and not see the Cherry Blossoms, not even once? Wasnt going to happen.

After the Tokyo leg of my tour (the first round anyway) Kyoto was an absolute breath of fresh air. It's still busy, but not as congested as Tokyo, and there are gorgeous green parks everywhere. Whilst I am very fond of the craziness that is Tokyo, Kyoto was the perfect place to see the natural beauty in Japan.

My destination for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) was the Kyoto Imperial Palace Gardens. The gardens are HUGE and there was no way I was going to be able to see it in all its glory. I did not do a tour of the palace, as I did not realise you had to put your name down on a list prior to the tour day. No big deal- it was still a sight to behold just looking at the big old gates!

Kyoto Imperial Palace Gates
Source: Wikipedia
The palace tour will have to be better organised on my next trip to Japan! From what I heard it is very interesting. It has nightingale floors, which means that the Emporer could hear anyone sneaking about to potentially murder him in his sleep!

Wouldnt that be handy in your own home? Admittedly, I dont have to thwart too many assassination attempts, but you never do know! Plus,  I would only hear my Pug traipsing around the house at all hours, lol.

The whole North section of the gardens is where all the cherry blossoms are, and it is by far the busiest section of the park. I love that even the Kyoto locals get really excited when the cherry blossom are out- strangers that could speak very little English would approach me and ask if I was going to see the sakura.

The outside of the North section of the Imperial Palace Gardens...cherry blossoms await inside!

Cherry Blossoms range from the brightest of reds, a million variations on pink, all the way to white

This diorama shows exactly how big the gardens are! Each button gave information about a certain section...of course it was in Japanese so I didnt take a whole lot in. Lol

I saw this bike parked next to the cherry blossoms, whilst the owner was snapping photos. I've never seen a bike with a cat carrier before! If you look inside the basket there is even a little pooper scooper :)

Do you know how hard it is to take a self portrait with a big heavy DSLR, that gets both yourself AND the cherry blossoms in the frame? Not easy.
There were families having picnics under the cherry blossoms everywhere. I felt a little twinge of homesickness!

Woman posing for photo under blossoms
What a beautiful place for wedding photos!
The bride was lovely enough to let me take a quick snap on my way past
There were so many families out and about enjoying the park
I fell in love with this little champ. He was SO STRONG...he was the one who let his walker know exactly where he wanted to go

Who can resist a sausage dog?

This is my favourite photo. I love how the blossom cascade over the branches like little pink tufts of fairy floss

I think I have assaulted you with enough photos. I'm compiling them all now into albums and I must say, I went overboard snapping the cherry blossoms!

Strolling around Kyoto Imperial Palace was a definite pinch yourself moment, I couldve explored around there for hours. I'm so lucky to have the image of a giant wall of cherry blossoms as one of my travel memories.

To those that have lasted to the end of this post- Congratulations x