Tuesday 21 February 2012

I'm Versatile! My award says so!

Please hold your applause until the end of this post.

I am Versatile. Yes, with a capital V.

Jelena at Ms Jelenas Blog has awarded me with this illustrious award. There was no time for a knighting ceremony I'm afraid (her sword and fur lined cape must be away getting cleaned) but nevertheless, I am now one of the awarded.

I really enjoy reading Jelena's (I feel like I should be calling her Ms Jelena? She gets a Ms because she is a lady. I'm just plain Cindy because I dont act like one)blog because it is wonderfully positive and uplifting.

Pop on over to follow her 52 Weeks of Grateful and get your daily smile. If you leave there scowling, you have no heart. That's ok- I still let people who have no hearts read my blog. I'm not in a position to be fussy.


1. I have all of the swimming abilities of a rock (Not a pumice, I think from primary school I remember they float? Correct me, my intelligent readers.)

2. Haloumi is God's cheese, and to worship I shall eat it in all forms

3. I cannot be trusted around penguins. They are not safe around me, especially when I have a large bag and some fish on my person.

4. One day, I will be in charge of a large classroom of small children. Yes- feel free to be afraid for the next generation.

5. Once as a 10 year old child, I asked my father what an Aphrodisiac was and if I could have one? *cringe* Fuck you, The Whitlams.

6. I moved out of my parents home quite young. I decided to remidy this by returning as an adult (this time with a dog and a household full of belongings).

7. Only minutes ago I warned my mother not to burn herself on the hot oven tray. She replied 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?' as she is painfully deaf. To really push the point of safety, I picked up the oven tray and went to say 'This one, dont touch it!' and of course, burnt myself.

* Drumroll please*

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1. Add the award to your blog
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and post a link to their blog.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Give the award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog .

Saturday 18 February 2012

Solo Saturday Night

I spent last night alone. Before you put on that song ALL BY MYSEEEELLLLLLFFFF and fish me out some Kleenex, this was my choice.

There were contributing factors-

1) My work in its infinite wisdom underpaid me. By roughly 15 hours. That's one hell of a paycut. When I asked about it, they apologised and said they would add the withheld pay until my next pay. Thanks?

2) Billasaurus Rex has been taking part in a challenge with his friends for a Alcohol Free Month. He is a typical tradie, who before the challenge enjoyed a beer every night before he knocked off. Not so for the last month! This month has covered not only Australia Day, but also his best mates 30th Birthday. Today is the day it ends, and he is having a night with the boys.


7.00pm- Yeah! A night by myself! I'm so self sufficient, such a strong independent woman. I don't need no man!

7.01pm- Wonder what Billasaurus is doing? Might send a text.

7.05pm- My mind is racing with the plethora of activities I can get up to tonight! I could learn to sew! I could repaint my chest of drawers! I could get around to that giant pile of clothes to go on ebay! I am a super efficient task machine!

7.06pm- Well I cant do any of this on an empty stomach. I'm going to the supermarket.

7.15pm- I can make myself something actually nice, rather than just exist on hommus and crackers. Gather wild aborio rice, organic chicken, a variety of mushrooms, cream, parmesan and a nice bottle of white wine.

7.30- Cannot be fucked. Dump shopping basket, and collect hommus and crackers. Feel slight shame. Rent movie- Jane Eyre. Feeling very cultured and sophisticated.

7.45- At home. Assess bedroom/workspace. Will not do. Not enough room for activities. Must clean room and then get straight on to activities!

7.50- 8pm- Tidy this, dust that

8.01- Oh! I could rearrange my nailpolishes.

8.04- Now time to paint! It only makes sense to do so before I pack it all away.

8.10- I know im supposed to be doing something with my cuticles, but what exactly?

8.11- This looks like shit. Remove.

8.17- Repaint.

8.30- OK! Back into the room cleaning! Fiddle around with scarves and whatnot.

9- Lets put Jane Eyre on whilst I work. Absorbing culture!

9.05- Jane Eyre never finds its way into the DVD player. Put Clueless in, its sitting besides the player anyway. Is not the first time I have watched it this week.

9.15- I wonder what my friends are doing? I'm such a loser. I'm at home on a Saturday night! I'm the worst 24 year old in the world, wah wah. I have no friends!

9.20- Remember I was invited to go to the pub with friends, but I declined.

9.21- Resume cleanup so I can BEGIN ACTIVITIES!

9.25- Come across some wooden pegs and some magnets. Lightbulb! I could create some fancy decorated pegs for my magnetic board, to organise my calendar, photos, important uni dates etc!

9.30- Create giant mess on unmade bed of wooden pegs, PVA glue, acrylic paint, silver glitter, magnet off cuts, and silver wire

10.30- Proudly place pegs on magnetic board. Glance at TV- Cher is showing her super organised wardrobe

11.30- Clueless over. Back to cleaning, so I can do activities.

11.35- Dump all drawers on bed, for ease of reorganising. Almost time for activites!

12- Look at bed. Realise its messier than it was before I started my cleaning mission.

12.01- Sadly realise there will be no activities. Pick some PVA glue off my sheets.

12.05- Abandon ship. Close door firmly, and sleep in spare room.

Tiny Tidbits

Thank you for your lovely feedback on the story of how Billasaurus Rex and I met. It's really cool to hear from others that our initial awkwardness is in hindsight a bit of a giggle.

We kept it pretty low key on V-Day. Billasaurus called me in the morning when I was at work and started just chatting as per normal. I thought he had forgotten V-Day- just like last year. He asked me what was going on at the back of my building at work. Our building is undergoing renos at the moment so I thought nothing of popping out the back.

And there Billasaurus was, grinning like a madman, holding these-

Two of my obnoxious male team members were outside having a cigarette, going OOOOOOHHHH and SOMEONES SUCKING UP!! Not only do they heckle every moment at work, now they are beginning on my relationship.

BR had such a happy, proud smile on his face when he was holding those flowers. He even rang me at work later on to find out if he was still the best boyfriend in the office, or had someone else gotten flowers too? Lol. I overheard him later telling my family about the flowers, then his family, then my friends.

'Twas very cute. Does anyone elses partner get so happy with themselves when they do a lovely boyfriend gesture?

That night BR asked me to pick any restaurant to go to for dinner. I decided on Mexican takeaway and Sons of Anarchy episodes- I dont think I have ever seen him so relieved. Dude likes a good night on the couch.

He loved his pressie (the iBottle Opener) and as we speak is showing it off to his man-friends over a beer (or two.)

I found these little treasures at my chemist on sale. I didnt even know they stocked these? I think they may have just been to a CCO or a warehouse sale. OPI was $12 and the lipglaze was $10.

There was a small selection of OPI- probably five shades in total. There was only one choice in the Stila Lip Glaze, but this one is perfect. I love peach coloured makeup, suits my pale colouring.

The colours are

OPI on Collins Ave and
Suzi & The Lifeguard

Stila Lipglaze in Peach

I bought this little dress from Pumpkin Patch for my beautiful little niece Ella. She's 3 weeks old and still in her tiny little 0000's- some of which still are too big!

Happy Weekend! x

Monday 13 February 2012

How We Met- Happy Love Day

Happy Love Day!

In honour of the this annual love fest, I thought I would share the story of how Billasaurus Rex stole my heart- how we first met.

It's Ok- he didnt actually steal my heart

'Tis a long sprawling tale, of true love overcoming all obstacles. Not really.

The scene: It's 2001.

-Big Brother in all its scandalous glory premieres on Australian TV.
- John Howard is PM
- Moulin Rouge is released
- and finally, and most importantly: Britney and Justin (no last name needed people) rock up to the VMAS in these little treasures

I know.
I was 14, and heavily into butterfly clips, glitter gel, blue eyeliner stolen from my sister, and large, basketball sized hoop earrings. Yes, altogether. Dont be a hater.

Whilst you contemplate how cool I was (and continue to be, thankyou very much) I feel I must paint the whole picture. I was a Scout (- 6,000,000,000 cool points), had not yet discovered eyebrow tweezing despite my monobrow sprouting out of my head and practically screaming at me to address it, I had prominent buck teeth, and I literally had not yet packed away my doll house and Barbie collection.

My best friend however had developed a little more rapidly. She was the same age as I, but was blonde and curvy in all the places I did not yet know I needed to be. She lived next door to our local skate park, and the skater boys had given her the nickname TNA (Tits N Ass.) She wore that name like a tarty badge.

I was SO JEALOUS. When would the skater boys objectify me, dammit?!

Whilst my friend went on dates every weekend to drink Southern Comfort stolen from her dads liquor cabinet with boys, I stayed at home and drew pictures of unicorns.

Whilst my friend bleached her hair and was so sophisticated she "got layers" in her hair, I brushed over my thick unruly curls, not brushing it properly and developing thick dreadlocks underneath.

Seriously, I was surely only a week away from this

One weekend my friend ran up to me excitedly and said she had showed some friend of her latest boyfriend's my picture- and he thought I was cute!

My brain exploded. Whaa???? Someone thought I was cute?! A BOY thought I was cute?

Nevertheless, I wasnt going to argue.

"He wants to go on a date with you! We'll make it a double date!"

I had a date! I had a date? A date!

And then the terror creeped in. I had a date.

In preparation, my girlfriend stayed over the night before. She put my hair in a million rags so it would look full and sexy and kinda like it had been permed.

We watched a movie to help get me in a fun light hearted mood-

Source: imdb.com

If it was meant to prevent me from sleeping and keep me up all night, it was working.

During the movie, whilst pinning my rags torturously tight to my head, my friend slips in the fact that this boy wasnt just any boy- he was an OLDER boy. He was 17!

I lied awake all night, half terrorised from IT, and half freaking the fuck out over this date. An OLDER BOY?

He would be sophisticated! (Heh. If only I knew then what I know now about 17yo boys.) He would be a Year 10! He would be...the perfect bragging story to take back to my other school friends on Monday! (If I every survived this date)

We were seeing Evolution at our local cinema. I stole my sisters JOOP! perfume, and wore every butterfly clip I had ever owned in my hair.

It's worth mentioning at this stage that those well-intendd rag curls had not quite gone to plan. It looked like I had teased my hair to its limits, then placed the butterfly clips on the top like a delicate, ridiculous nest.

We met the boys and my friend and her bf made out whilst this guy Billasaurus Rex and I stood there awkwardly. I stared at my feet whilst I shuffled them.

Finally the awkwardness of conversation had ended and we went into the cinema. I was relieved that I didnt have to chat for a while, and that the awkwardness was over for atleast the duration of the movie.


During the credits, this Billasaurus chap and I made a little chit-chat. He was funny! He didnt seem that suave for a 17yo...but what did I know? Maybe he was a sex fiend.

He told me that he had left high school and was working full-time. WOW. HE WAS SO SOPHISTICATED. I made a mental note not to tell him about all the unicorn pictures I had drawn. And definitely dont mention you still on occasion play with your Barbies.

The movie started, and was very funny.

There were some mildy cringe-worthy moments, like when our hands touched trying to access the salty gold that is popcorn. I snatched my hand away as soon as his brushed mine, thinking that I was annoying to him when he was trying to get to the popcorn. I thought of my brothers- they REALLY didnt like it if anything got in the way of their food.


He tapped me on the shoulder. My whole body blushed, and Im sure I was heating up the whole room with my blushing.

He leaned in like he was going to kiss me. KISS ME? I hadnt prepared for this! Holy shit!

He went left- I went to the left too. He went right- I awkwardly did too. For atleast 5 seconds we were bobbing our heads to either side, frantically just wishing for the other one to figure it out so it wasnt so freaking awkward. I would have looked like a deer in the headlights!

Finally, he commits to one side that he will lean in and kiss me on. He comes closer.....

I close my eyes....

...closer again....



I gave him a look of pure confusion, that conveyed all the What-The-Fuckery that was going on in my head.

He couldn't meet my eye, and shrank in his chair.

As soon as the movie was over, we didnt hang about. We both begged our respective friends to leave straight after the credits rolled, and did not say a word to each other after.

And not another word was said between us for another 10 years, when one day at a bar I was approached by a friendly, handsome man who said to me, 'Hey- didn't I headbutt you once?'


Wednesday 8 February 2012


Today, I got locked in the disabled toilets at work with noone else in the whole building to free me.

Im usually the last to leave in our building. I'm a team leader and like to stay on a bit to do all those little things I have put off during the day without interruption.

Tonight was no different.

I went to the bathroom before I left for the day. I usually use the disabled toilets for two reasons-

1. We dont have any disabled people employed here so its always free

2. It's my own protest about our only other toilet being situated off the kitchen. Yes. OFF THE KITCHEN. I find that quite gross, don't you?

So here I am, happily doing my business, washing my hands etc.

I tug the handle to get out and...it's stuck.

My stomach drops.

I wiggle it some more.

I start to panic, because this bathroom has always reminded me a little bit of the one from Saw. Ive never seen a dead body lying in the middle of it, but surely that could happen any day.

Then the automatic light turns off.


I wiggle the door hysterically, yelling out. No use- everyone else has gone home.

My phone isnt even in my pocket!

There were tears. Im ashamed to admit it.

I tried to McGyver the lock with my hairpins, but without vision this seemed to be an unlikely scenario.

Finally, I slumped down against the door and sat there, with no energy or the will to cry out anymore. I had resigned myself to the fact I was simply staying the night here.

I even did a weak little smile at the thought of me being the very first in the office tomorrow, which never happens.

By this stage I thought I had been confined for HOURS.

Suddenly, I bolt upright. I reach about 4cms under the lock I have been jiggling, scratching, banging and poking at for what felt like eternity, and simply turned the little latch.

I was so caught up in my own hysteria, that I could have simply OPENED THE DOOR PROPERLY the whole time.


The kicker? I looked at the clock when I got out, and I had only been in that dreaded toilet for 21 minutes.

I'm so using the toilet that is off the kitchen from now on.


Ive got alot of jewellery. The bulk of it is not particularly beautiful though- in the past ive gone for the 'More is more!' style of jewellery accruing and so have bought up big at Lovisa, Diva, Collette and the like. Cheap and cheerful, just like me. Wait? -_-

I have a few nice pieces but have found myself lately wanting a few more bits and bobs that wont break after one wear *cough Diva* but wont cost me an arm and a leg *every other fine jewellery place in the world*.

This morning I was reading a new update from MrsB at The Wifey Chronicles who not only alerted me to a new site Popetto (I'm sure everyone else is already all over it by now, im slow on the uptake) but they currently have a discount code for Valentines Day for 50% off everything!

Love it- not 50% of the dodgy sales stock like a lot of places do, but 50% off EVERYTHING. I purchased over $80 worth, so shipping was free too!

I bought the following-

Source: Popetto

There were some great Karen Walker skull rings and necklaces that I was so close to getting- but most screamed 'HEY IM WEARING A SKULL RING. Hey guy across the road innocently buying a sandwich- SKKUULLLL RIIINNNNNNG'

I already own two of the afore mentioned giant skull rings. Enough already.

This one is great because its a little bit punk rock, but not over the top and still subtle enough to wear with anything. It was originally only $20 (which I still would have paid) but I got it for only $10.

Source: House of Harlow from Popetto

I'm a bit late on the House of Harlow bandwagon. I  eyed off the gold starburst necklaces when they first came out, and uhhmmed and ahhed over the black and gold starburst rings forever.

I dont wear alot of gold, but would like to have a nice and simple bracelet that I can dip my feet into the gold waters. (Does that sentence remind anyone else of the Charlize Theron J'Adore ads?!)

Loving the Aztec design. Wish I could afford an Hermes Clic Clac!

Source: Kikada Jones for Disney Couture at Popetto

My nickname as a child, was always Cinderella. Sometimes with a Rockafella tacked on the end.
At some stage in Primary School I decided I hated that nickname with a passion. (God knows why, it could have been a hell of a lot worse!)

I have embraced the name as I have gotten older. I have fond memories of reading the book and watching the Disney movie as a little girl, claiming the blonde beauty in the movie was 'me.' (A blonde, gorgeous woman who goes to a ball, has a fairy godmother who turns pumpkins into carriages and wins the prince in the end? The closest my brunette chubby self could relate was that I also had a stepsister, although she isnt evil in the slightest.)

I also love the look of the Tiffany key necklaces, but hadnt quite taken the plunge on purchasing one.

This necklace came down to only $60- I cant wait to wear it!

The whole lot was only $130. Smart move with the discount code Popetto- now I know about you I am sure I will spend much more than what I saved today in the future!

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Valentines for the Practical Man

Source: Red Bubble

What to get for the manly man on Valentines Day?

Coathangers? Jumper cables? A torch? A David Bowie DVD when he isnt particularly a fan?

(All of the above I have actually received as VD presents at some stage.)

I came across this little gem randomly when online today- the iBottleopener.

Source: iBottleopener

Billasaurus Rex has just upgraded to an iPhone, after having a dinosaur (heh!) of an old nokia forever.

I bought this as a start on his VD pressie- something small and not flashy, but hopefully he will still appreciate it!

Basically the back slides out to be a bottle opener, without the bottle actually being in contact with your iPhone. BR loves a good gadget, and this of course aligns with his love affair with beer.

Billasaurus is what most people would desribe as a "manly man". He loves camping, hiking, kayaking, beer drinking, playing pool and spending time with the boys.

How we ever managed to bump into each other is a miracle, because thats so not me. Lol!

He is also quite blunt- I will never forget the WTF look on his face when I bought him Diesel cologne for our first Christmas. He smiled at me half-heartedly and placed it on his shelf.

It has been in that same exact spot for over 12 months now!

Hopefully I dont fail as spectacularly this year.

Etsy is a treasure trove of funny little cards:
Source: Etsy (sweetperversion)

Source: Etsy (JulieAnnArt)
Source: Etsy (JulieAnnArt)

What will you be buying your significant other/friend/self this Valentines Day?

Monday 6 February 2012


I am an organisational nightmare. The days I actually read my mail, I feel so smug and self-righteous I dont read it again for another 3 days.

My clothes drawers? Oh dear.

There is one that I physically cant even open, such it is jammed with clothes. Ive almost decided to leave it closed, like some kind of clothes time capsule or weird gift to myself.

My lingerie/every day knickers/bras/hosiery/socks/pyjamas/scarves drawers were looking pretty horrendous. (I think the problem may have been that I was jamming all of the above into two very small spots!)

So in a fit of organisation, I sourced these babies from ebay:

It's not the best photo, but does document my new endeavour to have a drawer where unmentionables dont fly out at me!

These are foldable, and the material is nice and light with perforations- so your bits and pieces can breathe. They fold down completely flat, and have a slightly thicker base which zips in to keep the whole thing nice and strong.

Im pretty happy with my new little storage system, and for $20 odd dollars including shipping from South Korea, what more can I want?

New knickers and bras to fill it up!

Friday 3 February 2012

Brand Spanking New

12 years ago, my sister CJ was told she would not have children.

One month off contraception, BAM there my sister was pregnant with my niece.

She was told it would not happen again- Jenaya was a 'miracle baby'.

And then she fell pregnant with my nephew.

Six years ago my sister thought that she might like a 3rd, and for the first time her and her husband actively tried to conceive. It didnt happen within 12 months, so they just figured that 2 kids were it for them.

And then? 8 years after they started trying and having completely given up hope, CJ was pregnant with her 3rd child, and feeling shell-shocked but very, very blessed.

My new niece Ella Jayde was born this week-

She has the tiniest hands and feets...Im being a total menace to this baby.

Jenaya went back to school this week and told her teacher and class that she has so busy looking after the baby, and changes ALL the nappies and holds the baby all day.

The reality? Once her Mum passed her a dirty nappy to place into the nearby bin. Lol

Wednesday 1 February 2012

For Sneaking

Rumour has it, walking has some health benefits.

I know- you heard it here first people.

Im quite unfit. Im not about to keel over doing everyday activities or anything (unless my boss implements a daily hike into my office routine. Fortunately for me my office isnt located in any kind of mountain region)

With only 9 weeks until im hoofing it around Japan, its about time I get my walk on.

And so, for motivation, I have purchased some comfy grey Converse Lite sneakers. I saw these at Faulls in Geelong for $90.00 and liked them alot, but am being a major penny pincher and wasnt feeling the value for money on these. When looking at any purchase at the moment I think to myself 'Would I rather spend this money on my holiday?' And 99.99% of the time its a yes.

But for $32 brand new on ebay, including postage?

Snapped them up. Although now I do not have one excuse in the world to not get walking...