Sunday 26 May 2013

Mint To Be

So the whispers are that we've moved on from mint green in the fashion arena...nope, not me.

You could say im late to the party on this whole mint green trend. OR- I could say its my favourite colour, I knew it before it was cool, I had their very first demo tape, Ive been trendy before it was a thing.

Hipsters. Fucking hipsters. Just joking, I love their little souls. Don't send me complaint emails...(scans from vintage typewriters?) or abusive Instagramming. #deathbyhashtags?

So my crazy aside, let's explore some beautiful mint treasures I have found.

I pine for this skirt. But am not made of pine. Am lame though.
It's from Domino Dollhouse and I've been umming and aahhing over it for FOREVER.

Mint Swallows Brooch can be purchased here. Would look lovely pinned in front of a hair bun, or on a fuzzy litle cardi. Or you know, your shoe. You know whats best for you.

Mint Green/Seafoam Clip in Hair Streaks can be purchased here.
I think if you buy these hair streaks you are invited to join the Mermaid club. Like, you're in the bath one day, and BOOM a mermaid flies out of your drainhole (using Santa/chimney technology) and hands you an invite to the Mermaid brigade. It's like the owl with the Hogwarts invite, but with more green fake hair and seashell boobies.

25 Mint Green & White Stripe Paper Barber Stripe Straws can be purchased here

Don't try and box me in. I need more than 25. What if I have 26 guests. Or more likely, what if I destroy all of these straws with my garish lipstick.

These sausage fingers can't be purchased! These are my little fingers freshly painted with Biosculpture in Pistachio. And my (fake of course) rose gold triangle ring from Lovisa.

The coloured fake hair wouldnt normally be my thing...but I'm planning on going back to my natural colour (dark brown) as although I love being bright red, the maintenance is just ridiculous. I'm picturing these strips under dark brown/almost black hair, curled so you can see the contrast then pinned at the nape of the neck.