Wednesday 11 July 2012


I got approved for the property! Thanks for all of your tips, they worked a treat.

Whilst I'm here... The GOT IT also refers to the CR Chantal satchel I posted about. Couldn't help myself, I obsessed for days over it and have used it every day since it came to live with me.

Wish me luck for packing, I'm going to need it!

Sunday 8 July 2012

You Crazy Little Coconuts

There are upsides to having a blog. I can blab on about things of no real consequence, connect to other blog authors and readers, and spend some good old quality time with my computer on the cold wintery nights Geelong produces so well.

My ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE thing about having a blog is tracking the way my readers find me. I have been getting a lot of google searches lately resulting in followers, but its the things they are searching for that literally cracks me up.

I bring to you my illustrious list of  Top 3 Google Search Terms to find my Blog so far-


I assume my blog comes up due to this post, but crikey, do people think there are killer penguins just waiting in bushes and wheely bins waiting to unleash their fury?!


You want to spank the whole country? Or just hoping to find a resident being spanked? Finding my blog should be a lesson to the person looking for the spanking to be much, much more specific in their searches.

Not quite as office appropriate as the old 'World No 1 Dad' mug.


Because furries need love too, don't you know. And so do men who are overdue for their back waxing. Speaking of, I saw a man in Daylesford on the weekend at a spa with his shirt removed in the waiting room. (Odd in itself, right?) Anywho, this man was quite blessed in the chest, back and shoulder hair category- to the point I could see the grain of what direction it was growing in, could see it swirl around on his shoulders, and the light shone through it. There was a whole lot of hair going on, which for some reason fascinates me.
I was early for my appointment and am notorious for making inane chatter when nervous, trying to fill awkward silences but in turn making it more awkard by blurting things out inappropriately.
The man caught my eye and I said to him, 'Is this your first time?' thinking that he was getting his back waxed for the first time because it was so, so hairy.
He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and said- 'No- I get it done every three weeks?'

This wasnt the actual guy. He was even hairier. Lol

And so, my dear blog friends, looking forward to seeing some more freaky searches coming soon. Oh, the things people google in the privacy of their own home, with the capacity to delete their browsing history.


Tuesday 3 July 2012

High Hopes

Have I mentioned I have been temporarily living with my parents?

Now this was all well and good in theory whilst I was jet-setting around the world (not quite around the whole world, but 4 different Asian countries which I feel was a fair effort in a short period) but is less ideal in practice.

My parents are wonderful people, but they are my parents and they frustrate me. They're 72 and 62, so are well and truly allowed to be a touch grumpy and irritable. They are also at the stage of life where their grandkids are visiting all the time, whooping it up loudly every day and making it impossible to study. All perfectly age-appropriate things to be happening in your home.

Source. They arent quite this grumpy, but you get the gist.

Not so appropropriate for myself and my studies.

The problem is, being a student, I quite enjoy paying only a small amount of rent. I'm partial to the measly portion, shall we say.

Realistically, I work part-time and can't afford a whole unit by myself. Or I can- but when things crop up like time to buy school books, my rego is due, or I have time off for work placements I will be in a spot of trouble.

So that leaves either a sharehouse or moving out with Billasaurus Rex. I'm not ready for that quite yet- I would like more time of being a "grown-up" by myself before I hitch myself to someone elses wagon.

Sharehouse is a viable option and looking like the only one until...

I found a bedsit advertised in my local paper ridiculously cheap. Like- $50 a week cheaper than any other sharehouse listing in the suburb that would be the most convenient for me to live in!

After a quick google search on what on earth a bedsit was, and an even quicker tour of the illustrious residence, I have completed an application form and currently have my fingers, toes and all other bits crossed!

Basically the property is at the back of someones home, but with its own driveway and entrance. The only thing I would have to share with the owner is the clothesline- there is even a fence between the main property and the bedsit.

The bedsit is in essence a large bedroom with a kitchen built in there, so space will be an issue but to have privacy? Worth it!

I can still entertain, but one guest dinner parties only.

What is even more exciting is that the tenant in there in the moment is moving interstate and is willing to leave ALL OF HER FURNITURE! That's right, fridge, freezer, wardrobe, kitchen buffet, table, couch, pantries, breakfast bench stools, TV, DVD Player, computer desk....all of it!

It's not all to my taste, but if its free and I know it fits in the bedsit, I'd be an idiot to knock it back. If some of the items really bother me later on down the track I can always replace or find them another home.

The bathroom is a separate building only half a meter from the rest of the bedsit. It could get VERY COLD in the morning going that half a meter to the toilet and shower, but no big deal.


It can't be this cold, can it? Even if it can, atleast my toilet wouldnt be pink. And i'm certainly not shitting sticks.

The only stumbling block- is that there were a giant swarm of other people applying. It is literally one of the cheapest rentals in all of Geelong so competition is fierce.

I made sure to call and enquire about the property with the real estate company, and had a pleasant chat with the Property Manager. I went to the inspection with the application already filled out and a cover letter explaining why I would be an excellent tenant. The decision will be made on Monday or Tuesday.

Can you recommend any other tips for getting this property I so clearly have my hopes set on?